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Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo Pack

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UPC: 097612370010

Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo Pack
Zoo Med's Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo includes one Daylight Blue Bulb and one Nightlight Red Bulb. The Daylight blue bulb gives heat with naturalistic day light while the Nightlight red bulb is a heat lamp for 24 hour heating.

Combo bulb pack
60 Watt Daylight Blue bulb heats reptile or amphibian terrariums
Red glass heat lamp makes a perfect nighttime bulb for viewing nocturnal behavior

Daylight Blue Bulb
- 60 watts
- For heating reptile/amphibian terrariums
- Long lasting burn life
- Uncoated blue glass for optimal heat transfer

Nightlight Red Bulb
- 60 watts
- Uncoated red glass 24-hour heat lamp
- Allows viewing of nocturnal behaviors
- Does not disrupt day/night cycle
- Long lasting burn life

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