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Vitakraft Crunch Sticks Wild Berry Honey Flavored Glaze Guinea Pig Treat 2-pack

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UPC: 051233263786

Give your furry pal a fun and tasty vitamin-fortified treat with Vitakraft Triple Baked Crunch Sticks with Wild Berries & Honey Guinea Pig Treat. This ready-to-feed treat is made with an assortment of high-quality grains like wheat, millet, oats, milo, and corn, plus berries and a wholesome yogurt glaze to satisfy your guinea pig’s love for sweet and crunchy goodies. It’s also triple baked onto a natural wood stick that’s safe to gnaw on so it makes for a long-lasting chew after your pal eats the snack. Plus, thanks to the variety of flavors and textures, it promotes your guinea’s chewing instincts and supports dental health.

Key Benefits
Provides your guinea pig with two goodies in one―a deliciously crunchy and sweet treat and chewable wood stick underneath.
Outside is made with crunchy and wholesome grains plus berries like elderberries and juniper berries, and glazed with natural yogurt.
Promotes healthy chewing behavior and dental health and provides variety to reduce boredom.
Triple baked for crunchiness and taste, and is long-lasting so it’ll keep your pal occupied.
It’s ready to feed out of the package and is great as a tasty treat along with a balanced diet; package comes with two sticks.


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