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TropiClean Fresh Breath Advanced Whitening Oral Care Water Additive

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UPC: 645095002258

TropiClean now offers their Fresh Breath Water Additive with whitening benefits! Simply add one cap of this advanced formula to 16 ounces of your pet’s drinking water, so she can help protect her teeth from plaque and tartar while hydrating. This veterinarian-recommended solution is made with natural ingredients like green tea leaf extract and is designed to help encourage fresher breath for up to 12 hours! While every pet is different, it’s also formulated to promote fresher breath within 14 days, when used daily and as directed. With TropiClean’s Fresh Breath Advanced Whitening Oral Care Water Additive you can help your furry friend maintain his oral health with no brushing required!

Key Benefits
Some pets will experience fresher breath within 14 days when used daily and as directed.
Formulated to provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath.
No brushing necessary—simply add the water additive to your companion’s drinking water as directed.
Helps combat plaque and tartar as your paw-tner hydrates.
Recommended by veterinarians to help maintain your pet’s oral health.

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