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Sentry Petromalt Original Hairball Relief for Cats Malt Flavor 2oz

Quick Overview

UPC: 073091114017

Cats (over 4 weeks old)
Lubricates your cat's digestive system to help eliminate hairballs
Relieves constipation, dry cough, and occasional vomiting

Comes in malt
How it works:
Mineral oil is included in the ingredients for its laxative properties.
Glycerin is added for its moisturizing properties and barley malt syrup makes the product more palatable.

How this product should be used:
For kittens and puppies over 4 weeks of age use a ½-1 inch ribbon once or twice a week.
The medication should be placed on the nose or front paws where it can be licked off.
Petromalt should be given between meals.
Do not mix with food or give close to mealtime.
The veterinarian may give specific directions for use and the professional advice should be followed closely.

Petromalt Hairball Remedy is an intestinal lubricant which aids in the elimination of swallowed hair and prevention of hairballs in cats.
It comes in malt or fish flavor.
Regular use of Petromalt Hairball Remedy helps relieve constipation, as well as dry cough and occasional vomiting that can occur as a result of hairballs.
Feed Petromalt Hairball Remedy directly to the pet.
Do not mix with food.
Withhold food for 2 hours before and after giving Petromalt Hairball Remedy to your cat.

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