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KitchenAid Spice Grinder Accessory Kit

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UPC: 883049284767

Harness the power of your Kitchenaid BCG111 Coffee Grinder to optimally grind fresh spices. The Kitchenaid Spice Grinder Kit allows you to be more versatile with your BCG111 coffee grinder. The Spice Grinder easily attaches to your BCG111 Coffee Grinder by simply removing the coffee bowl from the coffee grinder and then turning the grinder attachment counter-clockwise onto the base of the coffee grinder. This Spice Grinder accessory kit comes with 2 stainless steel grinding bowls complete with blade assemblies so you are not stuck grinding up one spice at a time. You can store your spices in the bowls with the air tight toppers or serve them freshly ground by putting on the shaker topper and the spice grinder directly off of the coffee grinder and onto the table. The Kitchenaid Spice Grinder accessory kit is able to handle whole peppercorns, coriander seeds , cumin seeds, or whole allspice.

KitchenAid Spice Grinder Accessory Kit

* KitchenAid Spice Grinder Adapter kit for Kitchenaid BCG111 Coffee Grinder
* 2 stainless steel grinding bowls
* Quiet operation
* Great for grinding whole peppercorns
* 2 airtight toppers for storage
* Shaker topper pops on the top for serving ground spices
* Grinding bowl is dishwasher safe
* For use with the
* Grind whole peppercorns to coriander seeds

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