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✨SUPER DISCOUNT✨(Set of 3 for your choice) Purina Fancy Feast Duos 2.1oz

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UPC: 050000964024

Give your fickle feline the best of both worlds with the Fancy Feast Duos. With a crunchy, baked exterior and a savory, tender center, the combination of textures delights all of his sense in one tasty little bite. The crispy outside is actually basted to bring out maximum flavor, and it’s made with real tuna with accents of parsley that will have him purring for more. Because sometimes you just can’t decide, this crispy and tender treat puts everything he craves into a single package. It’s the purrfect way to show your cat some serious love!

Key Benefits
Bite-sized cat treats feature a combination of textures that appeal to your cat’s senses.
Features a baked, crunchy exterior with a savory, tender center.
Made with real tuna and accents of parsley to deliver tasty flavor in every bite.
The crispy outer crust is basted to bring out maximum flavor.
Crafted in USA facilities. Perfect as a treat or snack for adult cats!

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