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If your dog hates bath time, it’s likely you do, too. It may be hard to imagine that you could turn it around and start viewing a bath as a time for bonding instead, but it is possible! The key is to have a strategy for the change. Here are some tips for developing your dog’s love for bath time. Take a nice long walk firstMany dogs naturally enjoy a dip in the water when they’re feeling hot and exhausted...
Cesar’s fulfillment formula is Exercise, Discipline, and then Affection, in that order — and the best way to provide exercise is to walk your dog.But one of the areas in which people seem to report the most trouble is … walking their dogs. Their dogs pull ahead, or act aggressively toward other dogs, or bark or snarl at everything. When you experience this type of behavior, it can really be a big disincentive to walking, which just makes things worse.If...
Looking for an easy way to keep your dog busy? Do you want to find an activity for your dog that’s both fun and mentally stimulating? Start with some simple nose work games. They’re easy to play, they can be done indoors, and dogs absolutely love them. And the best part is the only thing you need to get started is some yummy treats. Here’s how to teach your dog the basics of scent work, and three easy nose work...

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