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Is there anything cuter than a dog tilting their head from side to side? This adorable behaviour has the power to melt the heart of just about anyone – but why do dogs do it? Check out our guide and find out the story behind this common canine habit. If you’re lucky enough to have a canine companion in your life, it’s likely you’ve encountered the heart-melting head tilt. You may be telling them that it’s time to go for...
With their beautiful eyes, quiet manner, and athletic build, Siberian Huskies are easy to fall in love with. If you’re asking yourself the question, “Is a Husky the right dog for me?”, you have come to the right place to find answers. Today, we’ll dive into the details of what it’s like owning a Siberian Husky and why a Siberian Husky may just be the perfect dog for you. Is a Husky the Right Dog for Me? There are a number of...
Cesar’s fulfillment formula is Exercise, Discipline, and then Affection, in that order — and the best way to provide exercise is to walk your dog.But one of the areas in which people seem to report the most trouble is … walking their dogs. Their dogs pull ahead, or act aggressively toward other dogs, or bark or snarl at everything. When you experience this type of behavior, it can really be a big disincentive to walking, which just makes things worse.If...

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