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Exotic birds have been popular as pets within the US for many years, and often form strong bonds with their human carers that last for the duration of their sometimes-long lives. From small budgies up to the largest parrots, birds make entertaining, colourful and interesting pets that are very rewarding to keep; but they are also delicate animals that need to be cared for carefully, with a lot of time potentially needing to be spent on their entertainment and welfare.


If you are considering keeping a pet bird at home, one of the first things you will need to establish is what kind of bird you are interested in keeping. The larger, more colourful the bird, the more expensive they will tend to be, and some species of parrots can live for sixty years or even significantly longer! Even smaller birds such as budgies and canaries can live for around fifteen years, and so you should be thinking in terms of decades rather than years when planning your potential pet bird’s care.


However, regardless of the species and type of bird that you eventually decide you would like to own, birds in general have some fairly specific care requirements and involve quite a lot of commitment to be made to their care

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